Light therapy

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20 min light therapy session.

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5 sessions 150€ DISCOUNT 50% PRICE 75€
8 sessions 
240€ DISCOUNT 50% PRICE 120€ 
10 sessions 300€ DISCOUNT 50% PRICE 150€
15 sessions 450€ DISCOUNT 50% PRICE 225€

Discounted packages can be used until 31.07.2018.

Blue light. Acne: Targets and kills acne bacteria, soothes skin, controls oil production .

Green light. UV damage:  Helps control Hyperpigmentation, fades sun damage.

Orange light. Rosacea, Reduces redness and flushing, ideal for rosacea sufferers.

Red light. Wrinkles. Improves skin firmness and radiance, reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces inflammation.

Infrared light. Penetrates deeper into the skin and amplifies the treatment. It's a long wavelength, which is invisible to the human eye. Can be used to heal the structure of your skin.